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While Bozeman is a unique place for staffing, Heart to Heart has consistently had 8-10 caregivers on staff at all times. Our core base of caregivers has been with us for 3-6 years and we thank them for their dedication to our clients and company. While every agency in the state of Montana is vastly different, all have the ever changing needs with staffing, especially in college towns.

Everywhere is different and prices are changing with the influx in the economy. When you call an agency, ensure that you ask the following questions

  1. What is your admit fee? $150
  2. Do you have an assessment fee? No, it is included in the admit fee
  3. What is your hourly rate?$45
  4. What is your minimum hours per week? Minimum for 2 hours per shift
  5. Do you charge mileage to come to my house? We charge mileage of $.75/mile if located outside of Gallatin Valley area.
  6. Do you charge mileage to transport my loved one during the shift? Yes, we charge $.75/mile
  7. Do you accept VA, Long Term Care Insurance, Workers Compensation insurance, Medicaid, medicare. We proudly accept VA and LTC insurance.

These are very common questions and if you do not get a solid answer from the agency then that is a red flag.

Home Health Care involves SKILLED nursing services such as IV infusion, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Wound Care, Catheter Care, Medication refills, generalized nursing services.


Home Care is UNSKILLED care such as personal & companion care, meal prep, laundry, light housekeeping, light yard work, bill pay, transportation, etc.

Medicaid, the VA, workers compensation and long term care insurances are very hard to work with. They have extremely low reimbursement rates and can take weeks to months to pay for a client’s care. Most Home care agencies are small and cannot afford to pay an employee out of their pocket while an insurance company usually takes around 4-6 weeks for payment.

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