My company’s roots began in 1926, when my grandmother Velma Pust was born in Lambert, Montana. Growing up she would tell me stories about farm life in eastern Montana and the hard life her family lived which formed her into a 5’1” german spitfire of love. Velma graduated from Sidney high school and moved to Livingston, MT where she worked side-by-side with Carl Wilcoxson’s son Harold, at Wilcoxson’s Confectionary. Velma met her husband, Walter, a janitor at the local hospital who frequented Wilcoxson’s Confectionary in 1946, they were married in two short weeks and moved back to Lambert, MT to start selling Velma’s cattle. Velma and Walter were blessed with 5 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters before they passed.


You are probably wondering how this backstory relates to Heart to Heart Home Care…Velma was struggling with the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, she was officially diagnosed in 2000. There was a significant lack of resources that could help guide our family through these changes- when my grandma almost burned the house down, with my little brother inside, I made it my mission to learn all about this debilitating disease.

I applied to Montana State University-Bozeman and followed my roots back to Montana. I had a beautiful daughter who I named after Velma’s mother. Velma became known as “little grandma”, although she had advanced stage Alzheimer’s disease, she always seemed to know who her great granddaughter was. These moments of interaction inspired me to enter the Community Health Program with a minor in Gerontology, and continue my education to receive a masters in Gerontology at University of Southern California- Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.


I have found my passion in life- working with the elderly in any capacity brightens my day tremendously. Passing on the knowledge I earned, that came too late for my family, to you and your family gives me the utmost joy and gratitude. I hope that one day, my company Heart to Heart Home Care and our family of caregivers can give you a heartwarming and positive experience that you or your loved one deserves.


We look forward to working with you!

Give your loved ones the care they need.

At Heart to Heart Home Care, we know that every family is different. Whether your loved one needs around-the-clock care or just a weekly visit, we can create a senior home care plan that meets their needs.